Machine Vision
iXM-MV150F / iXM-MV100 Camera Systems

Reach Maximum Productivity with the Largest Area Sensor

Phase One Industrial presents its full-frame ultra-high resolution machine vision cameras with 150MP and 100MP image sizes. Capture the finest details in every image with the iXM-MV camera system.

iXM-MV Camera System Features

Superior Accuracy and Efficiency

The iXM-MV150F camera enables increased productivity with its wider coverage compared to other area sensor image systems. An ultra-high resolution (14204 x 10652) and backside illuminated sensor, means you get the highest image quality with the finest details at a fast capture rate. The iXM-MV cameras are available in RGB and Achromatic.

Storage capabilities and connectivity

iXM-MV camera systems support super-fast storage capabilities:

  • USB3 (USB-C port)

  • Ethernet 10G Copper or Fiber

  • Super-fast XQD card

  • HDMI output with 2K Live video preview

Unlimited Choice of Lenses

Phase One Industrial’s iXM-MV solution is designed to work with top quality lenses at a wide area format. The machine vision camera system is designed to fit lenses with image circles from 68mm and higher, such as the Linos Inspec.x L series, and can capture with a large magnification range.

Unique Features

  • High resolution, with a pixel count of:

    • 14204x10652 - iXM-MV150F

    • 11664x8750 - iXM-MV100

  • 3.76µm pixel size

  • 83dB Dynamic range

  • Backside-illumination technology

  • Capture Rate:

    • iXM-MV150F: 2.5 fps

    • iXM-MV100: 3.3 fps

  • USB3 and 10G Ethernet

iXM-MV150F / iXM-MV100 Technical Specification

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