4-Band Solution

With the increasing demand for combined NIR and RGB aerial imagery for applications such as crop analysis for growth optimization, vegetation health and environmental contamination, as well as projects including city observation for green site monitoring, Phase One has developed a fully automatic solution for capturing and processing 4-Band multispectral imagery*. The 4-Band solution is specifically designed for the photogrammetric airborne market, using two high-resolution, Phase One aerial cameras.

Simplifying your workflow

The 4-Band solution includes two synchronized Phase One metric calibrated cameras (RGB and Achromatic) mounted side by side on a specially designed base plate, an iX Controller computer and the iX Capture software. The software automatically generates distortionfree images and performs fine co-registration of pixels from the NIR to the RGB images, including processing different image sizes. Aside from the horizontal mount, shown above, you also have the option of performing a vertical mount. The cameras are calibrated separately. This means you can use any one of the cameras for other projects and later return it to the blue mounting plate.

The users can generate the following products:

• 4-Band combined NIR and RGB (RGBN) TIFF (4-Band CIR)
• 3-Band combined NIR and RGB (NRG) TIFF (3-Band CIR)
• NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) TIFF
• Distortion-free / corrected RGB TIFF
• Distortion-free / corrected NIR TIFF

One solution for multiple applications

• The perfect choice for any 4-Band precise requirements.
• Cost effective solution
• Flexible: two cameras that can be used in different combinations (together or standalone) for varied simultaneous projects
• Lightweight and compact: easy to install in small aerial platforms
• Simple workflow, reducing hours spent post-processing
• Reliable output: accurate high resolution images

iX Capture

iX Capture is a professional Capture and processing application that was created exclusively for shooting with Phase One aerial camera systems.

Used together with Phase One aerial cameras, this professional capture and processing software enables full control over one or multiple cameras, enabling an operator to easily monitor and control every aspect of aerial digital data acquisition.

Designed for use with a touchscreen or mouse, iX Capture makes inflight camera changes as easy as tapping a button. It contains all of the essential tools for high-end performance in one package to enable you to capture, monitor and process images in a fast, flexible and efficient workflow.

iX Capture exports raw pictures to TIFF and JPG images, distortion corrected TIFF and JPG images, and batch processes RGB and NIR into CIR and NDVI products.

iX Controller

Designed to provide the ultimate in speed, the Phase One iX Controller acts as a central hub of your aerial camera system, controlling multiple cameras. Working with 6 separate USB 3 ports, the iX Controller delivers record breaking I/O speeds.

  • 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7

  • Fanless cooling

  • Rugged construction

  • 8 GB of RAM

  • Drives two displays

  • Powers and drives multiple cameras

  • Pre-installed with iX Capture

  • Two removable solid state drives (SSD)

  • Small footprint, easily integrated into any aircraft

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