Flat Copy Scanning Solutions

Scanning with AutoColumn or with 2-Motion capabilities


Why choose a Phase One solution?

Flat copy work often requires a "set and forget" workflow where the camera and software are set up so that large numbers of flat objects can be recorded quickly while maintaining high resolution and consistently accurate color and luminosity.

The Phase One iXG and XF Camera Systems give the highest levels of resolution and flexibility, allowing capture of large objects such as drawings and maps, as well as smaller objects such as books and manuscripts. Sensors with up to 150MP deliver scanning resolutions of up to A0 @300ppi, fit for the most demanding digitization projects. 

iXG Camera System

The Phase One iXG Camera System comes with a Schneider Kreuznach 72mm RS lens, equipped with the Reliance Shutter, rated at 1 million actuations and allowing for reliable and consistent capture of the finest detail with minimum vibration.

The iXG Camera System is equipped with PPI-Assist, which accurately measures the distance to the object and records PPI, field-of-view and magnification, making it easy to position the iXG on any copy stand for a given scanning application. In combination with the Phase One AutoColumn copy stands and Capture One CH, the iXG Camera System delivers automated camera positioning for a specified PPI.

XF Camera System

The Phase One XF Camera System comes with a Schneider Kreuznach LS 80mm f/2.8 lens, which ensures that both sharpness and detail are maintained across the field of view.

Built on many years of experience in the high end photographic market, the XF Camera System brings unrivalled quality, accuracy, and reliability, and sets a new standard for a flexible platform equipped with everything that is needed for reproduction at the highest possible level.

AutoColumn RPS 2300XL
Phase One RSP 2-Motion

Capture One CH

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